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The World Circuit


What happens when breakbeat rhythms combine with Japanese taikos? Slick drum and bass rhythms and bossa nova? Persian bouzouki and smooth jazz? The result is The World Circuit - an organic, textural blend of modern Western rhythms and timbres with exotic influences from regions all over the world. The instrumental compositions take their inspirations from luminary electronic artists like BT and Hybrid as well as traditional World instrumentalists of all types. A distinct incidental ambiance is present throughout the album, which was initially written to serve that very purpose; the soundtrack for an imagined journey throughout the globe.

From the rainforests of Africa to the sands of India and ancient stones of England, The World Circuit will envelope and transport you to landscapes where ancient beauty exists in a new, sonically-enhanced form.

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Full Album: The World Circuit
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1. 01 The Koto Chill 2:03
$ 0.99
2. 02 Tandoori Beats 2:14
$ 0.99
3. 03 Bouzouki Groove 2:39
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4. 04 Bazaar 2:03
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5. 05 Enter the Temple 2:24
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6. 06 Drum and Bossa 2:31
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7. 07 Gregorian Dreams 2:22
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8. 08 Rainforest Majesty 2:14
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