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Stripes & Pipes


Strings and pipes... In fact, string instruments reign here together with numerous flutes: sitar, zithers, guitars, piano (played without the use of the keyboard), bamboo flutes, blockflutes (recorders), Panflute... They are being accompanied by different percussion instruments, among them bongos and tabla (double Indian drum). This variety of instruments is useful for create the sonorities of pieces inspired by different musical cultures. In fact, we can hear Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Celtic and other inspirations. There is a particular thing to underline - nearly all pieces are practically improvisations. It is true that they are prepared, but we must say that the CD presents the music which was created mostly in the moment of recording. You can feel this liberty, this spark of inspiration that animates the pieces of the album. The music of this CD can be reassumed like that: many instruments, many traditions, much instantaneous creativeness. Good listening!

The music of the CD creates a deep and mystical atmosphere. The album can be simply listened or it can be used as a background for our meditative singing, eventually as an accompaniment for meditation.

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Full Album: Stripes & Pipes
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1. Folowing With The River 6:07
$ 1.29
2. Just The Moment Of Joy 2:18
$ 0.99
3. Chinese Dragon 4:04
$ 0.99
4. Farewell 3:09
$ 0.99
5. Bardo Thodol 4:59
$ 0.99
6. Ringing And Whistling 3:08
$ 0.99
7. Cloudy Day 5:27
$ 0.99
8. Two Pipes 2:20
$ 0.99
9. Rocking Chair 3:42
$ 0.99
10. Weeping Willow 2:03
$ 0.99
11. Crank 1:31
$ 0.99
12. Incarnation II. 4:35
$ 0.99
13. Incarnation I. 3:59
$ 0.99