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Ganga Dance

Yotam Haimovitch

GangaDance is classical Indian ragas translated into electronic tones and tempos by means of the syntar - an original musical instrument combining a special crafted sitar and a synthesizer. This instrument enables Yotam to convert the deeply philosophical foundation and technical elements of the Classical Indian Music to the more familiar MIDI format, thus enables the Western listener to experience the full range of deliberate emotions that Classical Indian music traditionally hopes to arouse among its listeners.

Born in 1973, Yotam spent most of his adult years in Banarass India learning sitar and Classic Indian Music from Pandit Shivanath Mishra, one of the world's greatest sitar artists and head of the Musical Department at the Sanskrit University of Banarass. Educated in both modern Western music and classical Indian music and philosophy, Yotam's music reflects the combination of the two. Using the syntar - and accompanied by an ensemble of musicians of various backgrounds, Yotam plays the classical Indian Ragas he had mastered in synthesized electronic tones and produces a new and exciting kind of music that sweeps the listener into both physical and spiritual reality special to each of the segments in this album.

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Full Album: Ganga Dance
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1. Bairagi
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2. Anand
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3. Kirwani
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4. Jog
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5. Bageshree
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6. Chandrakauns
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7. Saraswati
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8. Bhairavi
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9. Gunkalii
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10. Bhopali
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