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Breathing Rhythms

Glen Velez

Glen Velez highlights drums and other percussion on this album, addressing them as a way to reflect the human body, and, specifically, the breath. There is certainly is a world fusion element to the generous mix of tribal drums, Eastern woodwinds, and Western instruments, but Velez's unusual compositional style, unique use of incidental vocals, and guttural male chants makes this effort pleasantly difficult to classify. The overall effect of this percussion-based album is meant to stimulate the body's healing center, and induce a state of comfort while promoting proper breathing.

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Full Album: Breathing Rhythms
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1. Lunar Tides 7:56
$ 1.59
2. Higher Calling 10:22
$ 1.99
3. Farewell Wave 9:43
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4. Secret Messenger 10:00
$ 1.99
5. Catalyst 10:02
$ 1.99
6. Bridge Of Fire 7:13
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