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Rare Elements (Ustad Sultan Khan Remixes)

Sounds True- (Various)

On RARE ELEMENTS, a crew of celebrated re-mixers tackles one of the biggest names in Indian classical music with smooth, danceable results. Ustad Sultan Khan is a world-renowned sarangi master and vocalist who descends from India's famed Khan family of musicians. His unique voice and sarangi playing have made him a sought-after collaborator. He has performed alongside Ravi Shankar and contributed to tracks by Madonna, Duran Duran, and other popular western musicians. The sarangi is a string instrument, held upright and played with a bow. Its ability to imitate the human voice has made it a popular instrument for singing performers. The sarangi is used to great effect in many of the tracks on RARE ELEMENTS, such as Joe Claussell's "Sayaji." Claussell uses a repeated sample of sarangi to punctuate Sultan Khan's vocals, which alters the usual drone of the instrument and gives it a new, modern context. Thievery Corporation delivers the most mellow track, "Tarana," a deep, beat-driven number that Sultan Khan's vocals float over, while ambient melodies punctuate the sparse arrangement. RARE ELEMENTS gives a diverse mix of music, from moody down-tempo to hard dance beats. Most importantly, the album is expertly sequenced so the music flows without any jarring transitions.

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Full Album: Rare Elements (Ustad Sultan Khan Remixes)
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1. Aja Maji (Sacred Rhythm Version) 6:30
$ 1.59
2. Tarana 4:23
$ 0.99
3. Jana (Sad Bachelor Remix) 5:13
$ 0.99
4. Jaadu (Magic) 5:34
$ 0.99
5. Majhi Re 4:39
$ 0.99
6. Maula (Bhangra-Hydrate Vocal Mix) 7:19
$ 1.59
7. Sayaji (Dance Trance Version) 8:48
$ 1.99
8. Meher Ali (Bollywood Burning Remix) 5:24
$ 0.99
9. Caravan (Karava) 5:10
$ 0.99
10. Dont Run Away 5:23
$ 0.99