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Soft Sounds

Susan Hurley

Ambient, calming improvisations played on clavichord, this unique music creates a sense of peace and tranquility, like magical wind chimes and gentle water fountains. Good for clarity of thought, creativity, healing, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, Tai-Chi and Yoga.

Original improvisations composed, performed and recorded by Susan Hurley on a small, 45-note, fretted Zuckermann. Each improvisation evokes a certain mood. "Blue" is enhanced with electronic effects.

"The inspiration for this CD grew out of my desire to help raise the general public's awareness of noise pollution. Everyone is affected by increasing noise levels in our environment. Loud noise has been proven to adversely impact health, learning abilities, sleep and productivity. The clavichord is one of the quietest musical instruments available today---it provides a stark contrast to the sounds we endure on a daily basis. I believe it is a beautiful alternative to harsh noise." Susan Hurley

Mastered by Pressure Wave

Composed, produced and recorded by Susan Hurley

Featuring Susan Hurley on the clavichord

Copyright 2005 Susan Hurley

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1. Leaves 7:52
$ 1.59
2. Edges 5:48
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3. Earth 5:36
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4. Sunlight 4:18
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5. Blue 5:44
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6. Metal 3:12
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7. Images 4:56
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8. Night 9:20
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9. Saffron 4:16
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10. Water 6:14
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