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Jesse Hozeny

On Niyama, Volumes One and Two, Jesse Hozeny melds the best of electronica with live tribal percussion and ethereal melodies to create a sound that is both modern and organic. Made for yoga, the music’s strong rhythms and intense dynamic changes build momentum; otherworldly tones keep the mood energized. The result is a breathtaking soundscape that supports and energizes yoga practice.

All tracks written recorded and produced by jesse hozeny at baker street studio

Mastered at studio 11

Co-written by Mccrae reed


Jennifer Bader on vocals

Adam Lukas on guitar

 2004

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Full Album: Niyama
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1. Badlands 5:21
$ 0.99
2. Quickness 11:29
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3. Shimmer 8:33
$ 1.59
4. Listen Everybody 6:54
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5. Reaching 8:25
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6. The Pulse 11:23
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