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Jesse Hozeny

Jesse Hozeny is a drummer, music producer, and yoga practitioner living in Chicago. He has developed a singular and exciting form of live music to accompany yoga practice. After being invited to play drums for a weekly yoga class, Jesse began integrating instruments from other music projects--a laptop, a sound system, a synthesizer, and a lot more drums. Before long he had his own corner of the yoga studio and the music started moving in unexpected directions. He started playing for other yoga studios and teachers around Chicago. Soon, students and teachers alike began asking him to develop a CD of the music for their self-practice and teaching. This 2-CD set, Niyama, Volume One and Two, is the fruition of their request.

Jesse's music blends elements of African and Indian rhythms, live drums, breakbeat, and house music, creating an evocative atmosphere that is both responsive and supportive to the practice of yoga. The double CD format provides more than 110 minutes of music and the tracks follow the flow of a vigorous yoga practice and savasana.