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The Spell

Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark

Much like their previous collaboration, Rain, 1996's The Spell combines the electronic talents of Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark in an exploration of musical and emotional concepts. This time around, the duo focused on magic and illusion, creating eight pieces that feature Braheny's emotive, haunting Steiner EWI tones and Clark's percussive arrangements. The Arabian-inspired "A Perfect Evening for Flying Carpets" has a hypnotic, trance-like effect, while "The Spell" lends a seductive note to the album. Intricate compositions like "Time in the Mirror" and "Sorcerer's Parade" reflect different aspects of mystery and illusion, engaging the listener's imagination. The clear, spacious sound of the duo's binaural recording techniques add another dimension to The Spell's charm. With this album, Clark and Braheny cement the magic of their creative partnership.

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Full Album: The Spell
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1. The Magician 3:09
$ 1.29
2. A Perfect Evening For Flying Carp 5:29
$ 1.29
3. Time In The Mirror Transporter V 5:10
$ 1.29
4. Palace Of Dreams 8:27
$ 1.29
5. The Spell 5:52
$ 1.29
6. Merlins Last Voyage 9:51
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7. The Sail Of Argo Navis 7:22
$ 1.29
8. Sorcerors Parade 5:58
$ 1.29