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Eric Paskel  Flower

Hi everyone Eric Paskel here, meeting you virtually! Rather than listing a host of accomplishments in a bio and most likely impressing or boring you, let's just get real.

This note finds you searching. I too, am searching. Our paths have now crossed even if it’s for only this moment. It is my sincere hope that we stay connected because that's what my search is all about, connecting to people like you. Teaching and practicing yoga helps me experience the best version of myself. I, like you, am subject to envy, fear, addiction, greed, anger, anxiety, depression, divorce, and abuse. Let’s work together to inspire and elevate ourselves and one another.

All of us reading this have been affected, even paralyzed in some ways by one if not most of these things. It's time we lift ourselves up and soar far above what we inherently know isn't "me". My classes on YogaDownload are designed to do just that! This yoga isn't about standing on your head; it’s about getting your head out of your "asana". It is yoga that meets us where we are and helps to take us to where we want to be. I can’t say that these classes are better than any others, but I can say that if you are looking for one hell of a workout along with "working some things out" than you’ve found the golden ticket!

I want you to know that I am here. There are a host of ways we can connect beyond these classes. Just look me up. One of my favorite sayings is, "Only you can do it but you can’t do it alone." Let us come together and create the life we want to live. Let us build the strength and wisdom it takes to move gracefully thru the constant challenges and changes in life, and have fun doing it! I am thrilled to share the philosophy and practice of yoga with you. I promise to keep working on me, and if I can be of service to you, here I am.

Life and Teacher Training
Join Eric Paskel for a life changing journey on the exotic coast lines of Chacala, Mexico and the heavenly Mar De Jade Spa and echo chic hotel. If you’ve been looking for the one thing that will make all the difference in your life, then this experience is for you. Every moment of Life Training is perfectly designed to create a safe and comfortable environment as we break through our personal histories and stories, work through our challenges and forge new destinies. Life Training is a revealing and healing program. Participants not only come away with a new found direction and inspiration, they gain the support of an entire community, whenever needed.

In this 200 Hour training you will:
• Partake in lectures on the entire scope of Yoga Philosophy and practice
• Experience exploration exercises that challenge lifelong belief patterns
• Learn Yoga asana, sequencing, communication skills, themes, and music management
• Explore action adventures throughout the serene setting of Mar de Jade Mexico and the Pacific Ocean
• Experience sharing circles for personal growth and development

Investment: $4399
BONUS $500 discount for YogaDownload members! Mention us when signing up.
*Payment plan options available upon request. Contact for details


Paradise Found Retreat
Time for some fun in the sun! Take a vacay to the beautiful coastlines of Chacala at the prestigious Mar de Jade Hotel in Mexico.
• A daily Yoga practice
• Delicious organic meals
• Beautiful coastlines
• Breathtaking beaches
• Exciting excursions through mountains and ocean.
• Self-transformation exercises
• Daily study group

Investment: $3250
BONUS $500 discount for YogaDownload members! Mention us when signing up.
*Payment plan options available upon request. Contact for details.