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Annmarie Solo

Annmarie Solo is a unique talent on the rise, a soulful songstress whose voice transcends time and space.
Her debut EP, Devotion, is spacious and abundant, blending Sanskrit chants with a gentle bed of harmonies. This album is an offering of the heart.

Michael Mollura of LA Yoga Magazine says “Annmarie Solo’s divine voice touches the notes with her lips and we are transported into a space that is abundant and ethereal. Annmarie is an L.A. artist who sings like her heart would dissipate if she didn’t. I recommend this artist to anyone who enjoys honest, sacred, devotional music that is simple, unpretentious and sublime.”

Starting out in Michigan as a model, Annmarie made her first big connection into the mainstream music world by appearing in a few music videos. In 1997, her career took her to New York where she discovered yoga. She says,”Yoga really opened my heart. I remember lying in Savasana in my first class at Jivanmukti Yoga Center, with tears streaming down my face. There is a saying that the teacher appears when you are ready. I guess I was ready”.

Deeply inspired and with a guitar on her back, Annmarie travelled for a year stopping in India for 6 months to study yoga and soaking up it's rich colors and ancient spirit. Upon her return to the US, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career and to dive deeper into yoga.

Since then, Annmarie completed the Yoga Works teacher training in 2000 and has been teaching yoga and leading retreats around the world. In her classes she can be found playing the harmonium and singing sacred songs.

Most recently Annmarie is recording her first acoustic folk CD to be released this coming winter. Her song ‘I Lose Gravity’ can be heard in Minnie Driver’s film ‘Take.’ Annmarie is a voice that soothes and creates a rich space for the listener to explore, relax and deepen into. She is a unique talent on the rise.