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Annmarie Solo

At the awakening of this disk, a harmonium slowly fades until 
Annmarie Solo's voice
touches the notes with her lips and we are transported into a space 
that is abundant and ethereal.
Annmarie is an L.A. artist who sings like her heart would dissipate 
if she didn't.
She has recorded with many artists those of us in L.A. are blessed to 
hear on a regular basis
and she has been using music to find her real voice here on earth.
On the sampler i received there were three devotional songs that 
bleed into one another,
"Asatoma Sat Gamaya", "Jai Ma",and "Some Kind of Light". The songs 
were recorded with Jeffrey Andrews
  and the results are stirring, authentic and pure. Annmarie was 
truly inspired when she recorded these compositions
and I couldn't be more pleased. Fans of her music will certainly melt 
when they get a shot of this stuff.
The basic feel is totally devotional and with little or no 
accompaniment. Almost like one of Sheila Chandra's
earlier albums,  Annmarie just lets her voice do the work with no 
percussion. With just a faintly held chord heard
accompanying this singing angel's exquisite harmonies, each 
composition on this sampler truly hits the mark.
I recommend this artist to anyone who enjoys honest,
sacred,devotional music that is simple, unpretentious and sublime.
Perfect for any yogic environment.

~ Michael R. Mollura (LA YOGA MAGAZINE)

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Full Album: Devotion
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1. 01 Asatoma Sat Gamaya 6:00
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2. 02 Jai Ma 7:51
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3. 03 Some Kind Of Light 5:36
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