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Hayley Hobson  Flower

Growing up in Philadelphia as an athlete with tremendous drive, Hayley’s life was marked by accomplishment; achieving elite status as a competitive triathlete and earning a law degree from Rutgers.

After moving to LA to practice law. Hayley found yoga seeking balance from the impact on her body from intense training in swimming, cycling and running. Soon after, while rehabilitating from an injury, she was also introduced to pilates for core strengthening and re-alignment for future injury prevention.

As a classically trained athlete she was amazed at how much stronger and better she felt. The combination of practicing yoga and pilates together had such an incredible impact, by strengthening muscles that never had even had a chance to work before due to lack of flexibility or range of motion. Her mind/perspective shifted from “push harder” to “continuous evolution” her experience and results was life changing.

Hayley realized that strength comes not only from how many miles a she could run, but also from the ability to trust in her self and recognize that her life had a grander purpose. Yoga began to give her a connection to her unique inner self. She found that while the physical side of the practice was extremely therapeutic and balancing, the spiritual side became life changing by increasing her awareness. This inspired her to teach these ancient and esoteric scripts in a real and modern way to her students.

Hayley left her job as a lawyer to instead empower others to discover and take control of their true potential and freedom of movement that lives within them. Hayley now encourages her students to cultivate a beginner’s mind and curiosity as they pause, breathe, mediate and deeply listen to what life is revealing to them at each moment.

A lifelong student of holistic nutrition, Hayley also understands the role of food in ones life achieving peace and results toward a life of vitality. Initiated by a personal health scare, she recently extended her training and education in health coaching and preventative health.

With her unique specialization in the combination and complement of pilates, nutrition and yoga, Hayley offers a cocktail of lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Hayley is a columnist for Yoganonomus, Positively Positive, Mindbodygreen and Elephant Journal and has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Bridal Guide, Natural Health Magazine and Triathlete Magazine. She currently lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline.