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Energetic Flow w/ music by Global Underground

Ali Duncan

Welcome to the YogaDownload Electronic Music Sessions!

We love music almost as much as we love yoga, so we decided to team up with some of our favorite dance music artists to soudtrack your practice and whisk you away to a faraway land, allowing you to get deep into your class. We also offer a no-music option if you prefer quiet or wish to add your own sounds.

Do you need an energy boost that will get the blood moving but do not want to break a sweat or take a nap after?

This short, powerful full-body yoga flow will get your blood pumping and the mind clear. Use these postures throughout the day to generate energy when you may be feeling low and sluggish.

This class is soundtrakced by Global Underground and their Electric Calm series. For more information about their music visit:
Global Underground
Global Underground on Soundcloud

GET THE MIX - download the music mix from this class to soundtrack your yoga practice, run, medium-paced workout, or just to groove to!

Global Underground music

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