November Yogi of the Month

Posted on 10/31/2013 by YogaDownload .com in yogi of the month Earla Legault Earla

Congratulations to our November Yogi of the Month, Earla Legault! Earla has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, loves Dancers Pose, and believes that yoga energizes and centers her. Read on to find out more about Earla!

What is your hometown and where do you live now?
I grew up in Estevan, Saskatchewan, on the edge of a town that overlooked great prairie sunsets. After living throughout western Canada, I have made our home in Harrison Hot Springs, a resort village in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

What do you love about yoga?
‘Showing up’ to yoga is my way of saying thank you to my body for being so good to me. I love how I can be tired while driving to class or even sitting down to select a podcast yet within minutes of arriving on my mat I am energized. I go to my mat to practice, not to be perfect, and I love how yoga helps me get centered in accepting myself.

How long have you been practicing?
Yoga has been in my life off and on for 30+ years. In college I took a class in a lady's home as there were no studios. As a young adult living in remote towns there were no studios, just yoga books from the local library. In 2008 while healing from an injury, I began studio classes again and shortly after that I discovered I tell my yoga teacher Mike that spraining my ankle was the best thing I ever did - it got me to yoga again.

What are your favorite/preferred styles of yoga to practice?
My favorite style is light-hearted and intentional. My teachers bring both to me whether in the studio or listening to podcasts. I like the heart felt instruction in Roger's 'Place in the Middle,' the repetition of Nancy's 'Simple and Sweet Yoga Flow,' and of course, the gentle humor after Savasana in Mike's encouraging classes.

Share a little bit about why you love

I love that the sessions are a complete package to practice with whenever and where ever I am at, physically and mentally, in my life. Personable teachers, music that connects to the type of instruction, even a pose sheet when needed to learn and see the pose names- has thought it out! I like the choice and the convenience. Though I attend a studio class that glows with warmth friendship and is never full, I appreciate the solo-ness that yoga gives me. Thank you!

What is your favorite yoga pose?

My go-to favorite pose is dancer pose; I love its openness when both balancing and breathing to get that great connection. I appreciate the beauty that my body experiences on the inside and outside of the dancer pose.

What is your least favorite yoga pose? 
Man, this is a stretch for me to come up with one. I have a shoulder that can give me trouble sometimes so I have to lighten up on myself when I go into Fish Pose.

Do you have any favorite music to practice to?
Lots! I’ve discovered that when I listen to gentle acoustic or flow of World music it keeps me present. Favorite song - Aqua by Stephan Moccio. Albums - Meditation Moods by Dean and Dudley Evenson and Sacred Earth Drums by Dave and Steven Gordon are two favorites. Gentle songs by Gustavo Santaolalia from the Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack, Malian musician by Ali Farka Toure or the Icelandic group Sigur Ros can keep me focused. Canadian violinist Oliver Schroer’s Camino inspires me to connect with nature if inside doing yoga. Lately the song, Into the Forest by The Parish of Little Clifton, gives me boundless energy (and has my girlfriend singing in the background so that's a lovely bonus.)

Any unusual places you've unrolled your mat?
Because of the portability of your podcasts I have had great fun doing yoga while traveling; Standing Mountain Pose on a deck overlooking the sea in Malta and feeling warm Spanish sand under my feel while doing Warrior 2 are favorite memories. I love yoga on the dock that edges the lake in our village where I have seen seals and eagles. Did I mention the yoga studio I go to is above a horse barn!