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Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound

Mantra is not a scary word. Nor is it an impractical practice. It’s an easy practice that people who do not employ more physical forms of yoga can engage in. It can even be practiced by folks who have no interest in physical yoga. The Beatles incorporated mantra into many of their songs, and were some of the first western proponents of the recitation of mantra through their travels in India and subsequent favor of the Transcendental Meditation movement. It’s an easy, accessible practice akin to singing in the shower: It can be done whenever it suits you, on your own, and no matter what kind of voice you are working with.

Mantra, when chanted correctly, has the power to correct, redirect and reunify all that is separate - namely, the prakriti, or manifest reality, dissolves back into the purusha, Ultimate Reality. For us, as individuals, this means that mantra has the ability to reunify any feeling of separation we have from source. This is yoga!

From the world renowned author of Myths of the Asanas: The Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition comes this insightful and contemporary resource of mantras and myths for the modern-day spiritual practitioner ready to make profound shifts in the way they embody their practice in day-to-day life.

Are you ready to connect all aspects of your life? Alanna Kaivalya believes that mantra, when chanted correctly, has the power to correct, redirect, and reunify all that is separate. In this inspiring and uplifting book, Alanna offers a comprehensive resource in using the vibrations of Sanskrit words to change your subtle energetic fields so that you vibrate with the living, breathing expressions of these mantras. With Sacred Sound, readers can expect tremendous shifts in their spiritual practices, simply by learning the roots and applicability of 20 of yoga's most beloved mantras.

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Here's a short video introduction to the practice of mantras and the book:

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