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Strong to the Core

Strong to the Core

What if we told you that by strengthening your core, you could not only reap physical benefits like improved posture, a healthy back, toned abdominals, better digestion and organ health, but also fire up your self-confidence and inner radiance?

This week we’ve got four new classes to power up every aspect of your center from the outside in and the inside out. Your core houses the Manipura or navel chakra, which is considered the source of your identity and the center of your ego and personal power. Self-confidence, willpower, self-discipline, and fire are all qualities associated with the third of seven main chakras or energy centers. By employing asana, pranayama, mantras and guided meditation to stoke the fire in your belly you can burn through any layers of self-doubt and trust in your self.

Look at it this way: You aren’t simply working to create toned abdominals.

The benefits of focusing on your core run deeper than simple aesthetics and muscular strength. Rather, you are creating a powerhouse that will aid you in keeping your spine healthy and avoid or eliminate back pain. You will create a girdle of muscle to support your organs and encourage healthy digestion and elimination. More than seventy percent of your immune system resides in your gut, so it’s vital to keep it healthy. The core is involved in every movement you make throughout the day from sports, yoga, walking, performing housework, and dancing the night away.

Focusing on the energy in your navel center will help you keep the prana flowing smoothly through the Sushumna Nadi or central channel that runs the length of your spine. When your life force flows freely, you are optimizing your energy whatever you do. Balancing your center will help you overcome insecurity and also prevent excessive ego or arrogance. Enjoy the process of tapping into your personal power, while making your core stronger in the process! A flat toned belly doesn’t hurt either.

Enjoy the benefits of a strong core with these four new classes this week!

1. Pradeep Teotia: Strong Core

2. Claire Petretti Marti: Pilates Yoga Fusion: Lower Body Focus

3. Shy Sayar: Therapeutic Alignment: Side Crow

4. Eric Paskel: Sturdy 30

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