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Donna De Lory

Donna De Lory’s timelessly evocative voice winds beguilingly through the deep textures and chilled-out grooves of contemporary electronica on her new album, simply titled Remixes. The disc finds the award-winning devotional pop singer partnering with cutting-edge remix artists like Rara Avis, Desert Dwellers, Atom Smith, Eastern Sun and Grammy-winner Dave Dale on revelatory and celebratory re-inventions of much-loved tracks from De Lory’s landmark world devotional albums The Lover and the Beloved, Sky is Open and Sanctuary. But her prime collaborator on Remixes was producer Mac Quayle (Annie Lennox, Sting, Indigo Girls, Madonna, Christina Aguilera) whom De Lory first met in the Nineties.
Remixes charts an exciting new musical direction for De Lory, but also marks a return to her roots. “I started as a dancer,” she says. “And dance was always part of my singing. So it feels very natural for me to be working in the dance music genre again.”
De Lory spent 20 years as a backup singer and dancer with Madonna, singing on hit albums like Ray of Light and Like a Prayer. As a solo artist, De Lory has also racked up several Top 10 dance hits. But over the years, she found herself increasingly drawn into the practice of yoga and the spiritual path:
“So I ended up sitting on the floor playing harmonium,” she laughs. “I needed to do that for my spiritual practice. But now that’s come full circle. This is where I’m at now: opening hearts but getting people to dance as well.”
Remixes’ eleven incandescent tracks bathe some of De Lory’s most beautiful melodies in entrancing new shades and colors, recasting their spell for a new rainbow tribe of club kids, trance dancers, yogis, yoginis and pilgrims of the heart.
“Donna Rocks us again with the divine elixir of her extraordinary voice
remixed with new music alchemy for yoga, dance and making love to
life.” --Shiva Rea, yogini For more info go to

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Full Album: Remixes
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. 01 Guru Om Rara Avis Mix 5:54
$ 0.99
2. 02 Hey Ma Durga 6:27
$ 1.29
3. 03 Jai Ma Eastern Sun Mix 6:39
$ 0.99
4. 04 Om Namah Shivaya Eastern Sun Mix 6:23
$ 0.99
5. 05 Ganapati Om Atom Smith Atomic Mix 5:420
$ 0.99
6. 06 Sky Is Open 7:05
$ 1.59
7. 07 Aham Prema Mac Quale Mix - Edit 5:44
$ 0.99
8. 08 In The Sun Desert Dwellers Mix 7:11
$ 1.59
9. 09 Sanctuary 8:01
$ 1.59
10. 10 Om Namah Shivaya_Thy Will Be Done Atom Smith At 6:48
$ 0.99
11. 11 Lokah Samastah Bhavantu 6:57
$ 0.99