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Daylight As Sunset EP

EarthRise SoundSystem

“Daylight as Sunset,” featuring Lucy Woodward, a Verve Recording Artist and former Atlantic Records
Top 40 artist. The three-song “Daylight as Sunset” EP features the original version, as well as two remixes,
one by Ramin Sakurai of Supreme Beings of Leisure, as well as an ERSS Retake.

ERSS members Derek Beres and Duke Mushroom started work on their album, “The Yoga Sessions”,
after remixing “Guru Rinpoche Mantra” for singer Deva Premal. Beres, a Yoga Instructor, and avid Yogi
Mushroom, set out to create a soundtrack that represents the yoga they experience living in New York City,
one that includes the numerous and diverse strains of international music they experience on a daily basis.

Determined to avoid the predictable cache of what has become known as “Yoga music,” they have turned
up the bass and infused their beats with Moroccan, Arabic, and Jamaican influences –fashioning recordings
that are not confined to the yoga studio, while still embodying the essence of the discipline.

Beres tapped into his other discipline as a writer and Novelist writing the lyrics of “Daylight as Sunset” to
pay homage to the philosophies embedded inside of the Bhagavad Gita, India’s globally known
contribution to the annals of world mythology. The text, which succinctly presents the ideas of karma and
reincarnation, served as a building block for “Daylight,” which also speaks of the personal rebirths that all
of us experience throughout the course of our lives.

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1. 01 Daylight As Sunset 6:27
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2. 02 Daylight As Sunset -Ramin Sakurai, SBL Remix 4:47
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3. 03 Daylight As Sunset -EarthRise Retake 7:06
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