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Amoraea Dreamseed

This CD was composed as a vehicle to establish the Antahkarana (’bridge’ in Tibetan) between all levels and dimensions of your I-dentity. Keyboard soundscapes and nature sounds blend seamlessly with celestial tapestries of flute, harp, percussion, angelic vocals, singing bowls and didjeridoo for an orchestrated journey through Mystical Realms. Ideal for use in meditation, ritual, yoga, massage/ healing, lovemaking and any other form of uniting with your Spiritual Essence. Antahkarana is one unbroken composition like a soundtrack, fluidly traveling from deep to uplifting, angelic to shamanic, meditative to activating, in its mood and feeling…. Designed as a holographic journey!

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Full Album: Antahkarana
$ 9.99
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1. Jewel Within 5:24
$ 0.99
2. Touching Grace 6:01
$ 1.29
3. Memory Of Perfection 3:12
$ 0.99
4. Earth Ascending 5:57
$ 0.99
5. Prayereremony 7:59
$ 1.59
6. Nada Bindu 3:54
$ 0.99
7. Essence Immersion 6:49
$ 0.99
8. Samadhi Soma 13:22
$ 2.29