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Amoraea Dreamseed

AMORAEA DREAMSEED has been facilitating transformational experiences for over 8 years throughout the United States. Besides his Vibrational Healing Ceremonies, he also offers private sessions incorporating a full spectrum of healing modalities. He has evolved his own techniques of hands-on energy healing from his Reiki Mastership to transmit a multi-dimensional field of light frequencies. Emphasis is on awakening the cellular and genetic memory codes and clearing karmic miasms of the mind/body template. Dreamseed also utilizes crystal healing, aromatherapy, crystal singing bowls, and guided imagery in his sessions. Among other shamanic tools, Dreamseed uses an ancient healing instrument call the didjeridoo. The didjeridoo has been used ceremonially by the Aborigines of Australia for over 40,000 years as a vehicle to access spiritual realms. The instrument creates a low vibrational tone which resonates into all levels of the body, mind, and soul. When played directly over the body, the vibration penetrates into the cellular structure and harmonizes the body's subtle energy system to bring balance, purification, and heightened flow of the chakras. The pulsing, spiraling sounds emenating from the didjeridoo bring one into a trance state where incredible subconscious work may be achieved on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.