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Etherea Borealis


Another chapter closes ...and opens with Etherea Borealis. We first came to America and stranded as students in Boston. It was a cornucopia of information and at the same time a period of culture shock. We soon understood we had nurtured our left brains enough and that it was time to dive into the actual practice of being musicians rather then studying its technicalities. We packed a still small studio and drove to sunny California. (Heard that one before, right..?) With our first album entitled Judith Martin, we immersed in the path of songwriting we had practiced and learned through years of schooling and formal training. Very soon our approach to music took on a whole new vantage point. The inspiration to record music as an emotional backdrop, a painting of sounds if you will, allowing us as well as the listener to undertake a journey of day dreaming and imagination, was born out of reading the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. We put aside everything we learned about traditional songwriting, about catchy song forms, hooks, 3 min. 30 second time limits... and we created from intuition and heart. Without being fully aware of it at first, it just happened. The music wrote itself. Yes, we still had to put it all together, but it was effortless. Just like the difference between a task you feel you have to perform and something you love to do. Out of this came the CD Songs of the Alchemist. Some songs were electronic yet organic, while some were instrumental and ethnic. Some had vocals but no lyrics. Some were reminiscent of a film-score. Why not take it a step further? Judith took paint, her diaries of recorded dreams and emotions, and started looking for sounds to create an all encompassing, multi-sensory and hypnotic experience. We called it Kismet. Picture and words became as much part of the project as music. How can you separate one art form from the other anyway...; sometimes they just merge together. This brings us to Etherea Borealis where we combine songs with the elements of ethereal soundscapes we had learned to love. Some songs were written over the course of the last years and others are extended cues of the feature film score Loving Annabelle, which we recently composed. The creative process is an interesting and unpredictable one, sometimes one cannot explain what makes something ready and ripe to be released into the world. We feel this music to be a true reflection of who we are today, knowing that tomorrow a new truth will be born again. We hope you will enjoy it, too. - AURAH

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Full Album: Etherea Borealis
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1. Amor Fati 2:42
$ 0.99
2. I Love You For That 4:18
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3. Wise Me Up 7:09
$ 1.59
4. Its Love 5:26
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5. I Crave You 3:27
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6. Clouds 4:21
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7. Ready To Go 3:41
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8. Karma 5:34
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9. You Know The Truth 4:17
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10. You Know The Truth Part II 3:43
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11. Etherea Borealis 5:16
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12. I Decree Peace 11:22
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13. Bonus. To Be Myself 4:04
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