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Originally from Switzerland, both Marc Dold and Judith Martin created Aurah as a musical journal of their quest to experience life’s alchemy. "We love songs and improvisations alike." Emotional guitar sounds and scintilating vocal arrangements are part of the essence of music that is as much pop as transcendental as meditational and electronic. The twin sound clouds of film scores and songs that reflect their personal journey. Each one of their albums has a completely unique sound and purpose. As a producer, Dold has given both Enyaand Celine Dion number one hits, has worked with Peter Gabriel, Cindy Lauper, Nelly Furtado, many artists of the pop music world. He says of his experiences: “Some of the greatest leaps in music evolution have been made by artists like Gabriel, Sting or Pink Floyd who refuse to be pigeonholed.” As a vocalist and producer, Judith Martin has lent her skills to numerous Television shows from Sex In The City to Queer Eye for A Straight Guy and more. Her mystical style is a unique mix of etherea and modernism. In addition to her work as a producer and composer she has been singing not only her original music, but teamed up with fellow musicians such as Loreena McKennitt and Kristen Hall. After Aurah’s release SONGS OF THE ALCHEMISTMartin took pen and paper on the grassy knolls of Griffith Park and began writing what would become KISMET. “I thought it would be great to bring the music together with journal poetry, images, high end Balinese incense for a complete introspective experience. Aurahs music share the reflective essence and rare quality of being both intimate and universal. In 2006 Aurah composed the fiml score for the award-winning feature film Loving Annabelle, and shortNever After. They're songs are heard on Little Miss Sunshine, Blood Diamond and the 2007 Blood & Chocolat. Aurah's new release Etherea Borealis is a reflection of the merging of their soaring and psychedelic soundscapes with new songs.