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Planet Yoga - Music for Yoga, Meditation and Peace

TriLoka - (Various Artists)

This two-disc set is divided according to its usefulness to the listener. Disc one is the choice for the yoga part and is perhaps a slightly active version of peace. The booklet even shows a number of hatha yoga poses to try while singing along to a selection of chants that invoke various divinities by repeating their names over and again. Jai Uttal sings to the young cowherd deity Lord Krishna on his fusion-laced "Gopala" and Bhagavan Das praises Ram with a melodic groove, while Dave Stringer offers a quiet prayer to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed boy who removes obstacles. Both tracks from Krishna Das honor Lord Shiva, one being a previously unreleased, rhythm-based "prayer" to his fierce Rudra incarnation. Two lesser-known artists also make fine contributions -- Wah! and Diana Rogers, both of whom have sung as part of the Krishna Das Kirtan Posse over the years. So you've got all that energy out and now you are ready to meditate or be passively peaceful? Pop in disc two and chill on out. The aural landscape painted by Drala is a bit on the new age side, but calming nonetheless. Benjy Wertheimer and his esraj (a classical Indian string instrument) lay down two pieces based on the alap (a classical Indian musical statement), though the specific ragas are not named. The disc closes with the legendary "Emperor of Melody," Ali Akbar Khan. A master of the sarod who has been performing since 1936, Khan offers "Morning Meditatio," which originally appeared on his 1990 release Journey.

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Full Album: Planet Yoga - Music for Yoga, Meditation and Peace
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1. Jai Ma 8:28
$ 1.59
2. Kashi Vishwanath Gange 6:30
$ 1.59
3. Gopala 8:30
$ 1.59
4. Govindam 8:43
$ 1.59
5. Raghupati 5:41
$ 0.99
6. Prayer to Rudra 5:31
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7. Sri Ram 7:41
$ 1.59
8. Ganashyama 6:53
$ 1.59
9. Gayatri Mantra 9:46
$ 1.99
10. Home 12:10
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11. Meditation of the Night 11:36
$ 2.59
12. Zenith 11:31
$ 2.59
13. Morning Meditation 14:52
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