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TriLoka - (Various Artists)

Triloka's motto: "Ignite Your Spirit", says exactly what the label's mission has been from its inception more than ten years ago. Over the past decade, the label has been instrumental in the development of the World Music genre in America, presenting a roster of exceptional artists who draw their audiences into a journey of the heart. What is important to the company is music that has a quality that relates to our deeper needs as human beings on this planet; music that stirs the soul as much as it moves the feet.

The seed that became Triloka Records was planted in India in the early '70s when co-founder Mitchell Markus met devotional singer Jeff "Krishna Das" Kagel. Markus had been running a free-form radio station in Montreal, but was drawn to India by his love of Eastern music. The two men connected musically and spiritually, but it wasn't until almost twenty years later that their friendship took on a business dimension, when they formed Triloka Records along with veteran music business executive Paul A. Sloman.

As our world continues to grow smaller and smaller, cultures are merging in new and exciting ways. So too, music is merging... producing the next wave of World Music or rather the world's music. Triloka Records is committed to continuing the tradition and the ideals, which formed the foundation of the label over the past decade.