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Resound Meditation Gong


The relaxing effects of the gong are unquestioned. The ancient civilizations of the world understood the rhythmic principles designed to relax the mind and the body. The gong creates these meditation enhancing rhythms. Harijiwan is one of the few talented masters of the gong who allows the voice of this spiritual instrument to be released. Resound features a digitally mastered series of meditation sessions the student and teacher can utilize to take their experience to the next level.

Produced by Grady Johnson and Rainer G. Wickel

Sound Recorded by Walt Thompson

Brought to you by Karma Train Productions

 2004 Karma Train Productions

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Full Album: Resound Meditation Gong
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1. Invocation 1:04
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2. Drum Thunder 11:30
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3. Sky Journey 22:35
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4. Wisdom Moon 31:46
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