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Harijiwan has been teaching the sacred science of Kundalini yoga since 1975 with an emphasis on breath, sound current, meditation and mantra. His classes, workshops and private practice utilize a multidisciplinary approach designed to re-configure and release negative energy structures ingrained in the subconscious, bringing about a heightened sense of joy to every day living.

For a number of years Harijiwan traveled the world with his teacher Yogi Bhajan, giving him the rare opportunity to study under and serve a living Master. His humor, intelligence and gift with language combined with a unique sensitivity to the human mind and its mechanisms create profound, deep and lasting change in his students. Renowned for his use of the Gong for transformation and healing, Harijiwan is also considered an expert in the field of Compassionate Face Reading and Hypnotic Thought Re-patterning.

Harijiwan currently lives in Los Angeles where he teaches, consults and writes. His latest gong CD, Resound, generated world-wide attention for its ability to expand and elevate consciousness. /