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Released Upon Inception

Danny Cudd

Danny Cudd is a UK hang musician with panache for everything idiophonic. The hang is a steel pan-like instrument that is played with the hands and this results in a wide range of tonal inflections, arrangements, and sounds that resemble everything from bells, piano, and crystal singing bowls. This is Dannys second solo studio album.

The eight-tracks are mostly instrumental with only a few indiscriminate female vocals wafting along on “Released Upon Inception.” There are different melodies and rhythms that suggest trip-hop, down-tempo, avant-garde, experimental, alternative, new age, world fusion, and percussion music throughout. The multi-faceted songs are simplistic, but highly-textured and the final result is deeply satisfying.

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Full Album: Released Upon Inception
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1. Omat Odat
$ 0.99
2. From the View
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3. Once Again
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4. Skanegatan
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5. Increasing Obviousness
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6. Sky Like Eyes
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7. Released Upon Inception
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8. Thingless Things
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