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Joanna McEwen  Flower

Joanna McEwen is an experienced and qualified Sound Practitioner, and holds an MA in Applied Anthropology, Youth and Community where her thesis was on the power of food and ritual in communities. She lives and works in Brighton and London.

She is an Empowered Learning Practitioner for those with SEN, and has worked with special educational needs, young people and families for over 20 years. She is currently studying and living the traditions of the Q’ero Indian Medicine Wheel and the Munnay Ki rites with the intention of bringing the power of ceremony and ritual into our communities.

Having trained with the College of Sound Healing, the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Don Conreaux, Carolyn Cowan, Ali Rabjohns, and Deb Dana, she enjoys bringing together the esoteric with science. She is passionate about the link between harmonious sound and the Poly Vagal Theory, which explores the interplay between trauma and stress within the body, with anxiety, addiction and lack of social engagement - She is currently researching a PhD on this topic. Her TEDx talk on the link between vibrations, harmonious sound and serendipitous moments currently has over 1.4 million views.