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Annie Au

Suffering from anxiety growing up, I found inner peace through the practice of yin yoga. Now with over 8 years of experience in leading yoga teacher training around the world, I focus on offering soulful yin yoga & Chinese meridians teacher training & programs. My mission is to help people break free from their emotional obstacles and connect to their soul purpose. Tapping into my studies in anatomy, physiology, psychology, and eastern philosophy, I firmly believe that in order to live holistically, we must be in true alignment in all dimensions of life. Hence my teaching methods and programs are always based in the fact that as humans we have different physical and emotional needs- there is no one method for all. With knowledge comes power, while learning expands our analytical/conscious minds, we must practice what we learn, and by that what I mean is practicing on the mat and in the world.

Through my personal healing journey, it has led me to discover the wonders of yin yoga. Over the past decade, I have studied in-depth the anatomical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yin yoga. Based on my positive experiences, I believe yin yoga offers a safe container for anyone who wishes to increase their flexibility/mobility, to become more mindful, to understand your true purpose in life, to heal from past traumas, and finally to cultivate more self-love. In so, over the years, I have combined yin yoga with the vast knowledge of Chinese meridians, myofascial research, neuroscience, eastern philosophies (specifically Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism & Yoga), and psychology; cohesively weaves together my life long study into a soulful wellness education program available for all.