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Lesley Jackson  Flower

Lesley’s passion has been to be physically active throughout her life. She was continuously working out at the gym, taking different classes, trained in Muay Thai kickboxing, and was always looking for the next best thing to keep her physically fit.

One day, her sister introduced her to yoga. She was very much a skeptic since she had thought she was not flexible enough. After much persuasion, she immediately understood the connection between her mind, body and the importance of breath. She then understood and appreciated the non-judgmental environment that yoga provided for her, so the following week she quit her gym membership.

A few years later, Lesley really found her passion for yoga, and knew that she wanted to deepen her practice by going through Teacher Training. She was certified in Vinyasa Yoga in 2007.

Lesley’s classes are invigorating, challenging yet they always focus on the simplicity of alignment and breath. She will encourage you to play your edge but know when to read your body to take a break. This balance of both will deepen your practice, and your connection between your mind and body. Most importantly, she encourages you to smile while doing so!