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Steve Carter

During his twenty-five years of teaching guitar at Berklee College of Music, Steve developed his pick-and-finger style playing, borrowing from both jazz and classical music. Listen to Steve and you'll hear the melody singing out over chords and bass lines, with a little percussion thrown in for good measure. Whether he's playing a jazz tune by Duke Ellington, a popular standard by George Gershwin, a Latin tune by Antonio Carlos Jobim, or one of his original compositions, Steve approaches each song with musical sensitivity and imagination.

Steve has been performing throughout New England for more than thirty years. He has worked as a sideman with artists ranging from Chicago blues singer Little Walter to song stylists Al Martino and Anna-Maria Alberghetti. Steve has played guitar and bass with many groups over the years, including the Blues Children, Xbalba, and the Eastwood Swing Orchestra.

In recent years Steve has focused on blending his many musical influences into a unique solo guitar style.