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Sounds From The Ground

Sounds From The Ground formed in 1995.
Both members Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones met through their involvement with the underground music scene in London.

SFTG released their debut album in 1996 entitled 'Kin', it was to prove a landmark release, widely acclaimed. 'Kin' merged hip hop, dub and jazz and caught the imagination of hearts and minds worldwide.

The duo’s second album 'Mosaic' (Terra Firma in the U.S.) was released in 1999. It was a deeper collection of musical soundscapes and helped secure SFTG as a force to be reckoned with.

Their third album 'Natural Selection' saw SFTG move into a new phase, working with various vocalists resulting in a colourful, uplifting album with a positive message.

SFTG's fourth album 'Luminal' was well received and embraces everything that makes the duo thrive, deep spacious tracks that captivate and inspire.

SFTG's fifth album 'High Rising' delivered a fresh and direct approach to soulful electronica and was released in October 2006, again on the Waveform label featuring collaborations with Gaudi and UK vocalist Taz

The latest album due for release in October 2008 on Waveform is entitled 'Brightwhitelight'. It sees SFTG delivering a fresh and upbeat yet thoughtful instrumental album full of depth and space.