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Le Duc

Le Duc, alias Didier Mignot, has been immersed in music since he was 18 years old. He started as a guitarist in various French rock 'n' roll groups in the early '70s, then explored punk and new wave in the late '70s and early '80s.

Le Duc eventually discovered techno in 1990 when he bought a synthesiser and realised that he was more interested in the ways of processing music than in music itself. The only electronic styles to really get his attention at that time were house, the early hardcore tracks coming out of the UK, and ambient. He then decided to rework the different styles of music that he had encountered up until then with the intention of bringing a new dimension to rock or blues by combining them with techno and house.

Throughout the '90s Le Duc worked on various projects with other artists and completed Celebration, his first solo album. Since its release in France in 2000, several tracks have been on compilations (N°1 Techno, Buddha Bar), and "Touareg" was selected by director Luc Besson for use in his film The Dancer.

Le Duc's Celebration is emotional, textured, beat driven music that is at times cinematic and at other times completely foreign, but always beautiful. It's a fusion of Eastern spiritual songs with contemporary electronic dance rhythms. It ranks in the company of Banco de Gaia, Transglobal Underground, Deep Forest and Delerium.