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Shaman’s Dream

The mission of Shaman's Dream Music - through the use of sound,movement, nature and sacred ritual - is to facilitate a lasting experience of self-realization and healing. To provide a journey - through recorded music and our community music and dance events - that opens the heart - frees the body, mind and spirit, inspires creativity, insight, love, and full self-expression.
Shaman's Dream Music is strongly influenced by the rituals of tribal cultures. Specifically the sounds, chants, music, dance and rhythms used by the shamans to induced trance and facilitate healing. These shamanic journeys include going into the spirit world to enlist the help of spirit guides, animals and nature.
As in these ancient practices, Shaman's Dream calls upon the powers of nature and blessings of spirit to bring healing and positive transformation.
It is our intent, that through our music and dance we will bring together a united community - committed to creating a loving, peaceful world.