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Hi Everyone! Here is a little something that I have written about my
journey. Hopefully it will give you some insight into my path and
practices. I am wishing you an abundance of well being and joy in your own
journey back Home!. With all my love and respect, Govindas

One of the paths of yoga is called Bhakti Yoga. It is the path of the
Heart. The Spiritual Heart. It is one of these places inside that we can't
necessarily see, but we surely can feel. Bhakti is working with the heart
channel. Love. Acceptance. Surrender. One of the practices that amplifies
the Heart channel is Kirtan. Singing the Names of the Divine. These chants
or Kirtans, come from this tradition.

My guru is Neem Karoli Baba. The guru is a great teacher, a guide through
the mystery of life. He was considered a saint by many in India. He was very
simple. His only possessions were the clothes on his body. Which was usually
just a blanket. His presence of love was so strong that people were
attracted to him from all over---even Americans like Bhagavan Das, Ram Dass,
Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal- came from America and their lives were
transformed. These guys are his hands still working in the physical world.
These guys are my teachers. It was his love and deep knowing that kept
people coming back to him. Maharajji (Neem Karoli) left his body in the
early 70's. His presence is so strong that 30 years after passing away, many
people on this planet are still being guided by him.

The one thing he required was that kirtan was constantly being sung around
him. This is where I go when I sing kirtan---to this place that takes me
back to the knowing inside my own heart. And love is at the core of that

With kirtan it's really pretty simple. We chant and we chant and we keep
chanting. Offering it all back up in gratitude. It feels good on the heart
and soul levels. We become an orchestra together. Our voices tie our
hearts together. We feel that connection to each other. We know we are
connected to something greater. It is an honor and great blessing to share
this jewel of a spiritual practice with you!!! May it be a doorway for you
to explore magical mandala of your inner Heart! Jai Shree Love!!!