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Yvette is the voice of an angel... Yvette opens the gates within the heart, allowing for the Divine within to shine. Yvette's CD debut, “Into the Arms of Love,” is breathtakingly beautiful and profoundly powerful.

Yvette’s effervescent Love and Light permeate her every note inviting listeners on an inner journey of self awakening and illumination. There is a special serenity surrounding her aura of beauty and contentment that permeates and penetrates. To be with Yvette is to reach deeply within.

Blending Traditional Eastern music with Western Popular melody, Yvette has reinvented the art of Kirtan in her unique way of peaking energetic waves of mantra with spontaneous vocal harmony, gently spiraling sound and song to new heights of beauty, power and awareness. Yvette's kirtan sound is unusually harmonic, bringing in all the colors of the chakras to dance with each other and in turn, inspiring listeners to join in the dance.

Singer/songwriter, Kirtan artist and devotional teacher of mantra and yoga, Yvette continuously explores the high vibrational components of sound and its healing effects on the physical, subtle, and causal bodies.

Inspired to vibrationally awaken each of us to our full potential as co-creators in our world... to connect each and every One of us to the true Divinity that lies within.

Yvette shares… “There is a seed waiting to be nourished. A seed longing to be heard. It is quiet in nature and does not compete with daily responsibility. When we lay in darkness and our day is done just moments before sleep, this precious seed whispers to us of unmanifest possibility, or our hearts truest and purest desire. Into the Arms of Love is the flowering of a tiny seed whose song I have nourished and loved. From the purest place in my heart I offer this first CD as testimony to the love that exists in all things. May these English songs and Sanskrit mantras inspire and ultimately nourish that very same seed that waits within each of us.”