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Kristen Eykel

Kristen Eykel- Certified Hypnotherapist, Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga & Kundalini Yoga teacher, believes in empowering her students wherever they may be on the yogic path.

Kristen teaches in a personal way, working with the individuals who come to her class & offering them powerful tools to assist with the aches and pains of pregnancy and daily life.

As well, she teaches yoga postures & techniques designed to give women the training they need in order to have the most powerful, connected labor and birth possible.

She has been interviewed by Fit Pregnancy, Health Magazine and Yoga Journal for this expertise, and has appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal as a highlighted teacher.

A contributing writer to iVillage’s Fit and Fabulous 40 Weeks calendar as a Stress Relief/ Pregnancy Yoga expert, she also has a multi-part downloadable series on for pregnancy yoga and wellbeing.

Kristen is the creator of the newly released 5 -part yoga series, “Yoga Emergency- The 12 Minute Workout” and is the author of the best-selling DVD “Yoga for your Pregnancy” made with Yoga Journal & iVillage.

Mother to two home- birthed children, Kristen discovered Transformational Birth as a direct result of her experience in labor. Combining yoga, breath and intention into a remarkable journey of personal discovery, she seeks to inspire this journey inside each & every one of her students.

Kristen's Classes

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Yoga Emergency - Hips   
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Yoga Emergency - Arms and Shoulders   write a review 

Yoga Emergency - Full Leg Stretch   write a review 

Yoga Emergency - Mid and Low Back   write a review 

Yoga Emergency - Pregnancy   
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