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Beth Martens aka Vijaya

Artist Bio

An emotional and spiritual leader, Beth Martens, aka Vijaya, has a knack for offering people the opportunity to explore life at a deeper level. People who engage with her are taken on a journey of music, yoga, meditation, and spiritual and emotional awakening. Offering inspiration through sharing her life story as a two-time cancer survivor, Beth Martens has been quietly discovered by a niche market who follow her career with high affinity.

Bringing an "eastern" approach to the western world, Beth Martens uses soul-driven lyrics, Sanskrit mantras and hypnotic melodies to attract an audience into an experience, rather than just offering an additional song or two to add to one's iPod. Musician, Yoga Instructor, Singer, Songwriter, and Kirtan Leader are just a few of the hats worn by Martens, as she continues to offer new unique experiences to those who have discovered her career.

Among her accomplishments are eight trips to study in India; three CD's of original music; second place in Winnipeg radio, Q-94 FM’s songwriting contest for "Om Poornam"; performance for nearly 2,000 people at Winnipeg’s Centennial Concert Hall for speakers Deepak Chopra (and again in his Toronto workshop) and similarly for peace activist/widow, Jehan Sadat; back-up singing for international kirtan musician Dave Stringer; performance with esteemed creator of Anusara Yoga, John Friend and recently performed for the fourth time with another stellar popular kirtan artist, Wade Imre Morissette (twin brother to Alanis).

“I live to sing, and sing to live - it's in my contract!” Beth reports, which was especially true during the three years she battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “It drove me to see that beneath the surface of the music is the continuous thread of life and its grand purpose, which challenges me to create out of every situation something meaningful and beautiful, that shows people the true being they are.” Beth resides on the Canadian prairie with her two-year-old son, conducts regular kirtan concerts and teaches vinyaasa yoga classes and workshops with live music that create a full-moon yoga experience.

A Few Testimonials:

"I get music once in a while from readers that is New Age in the worst sense, and so I was delighted to find your very good songs and arrangements and mixes. You are right to seize every moment to be creative."

~Thomas Moore, best-selling author of Care of the Soul

“Beth speaks to both the creative and reflective sides of our being, and in doing so, taps into an essential aspect of the human condition. The audience drawn towards her knows neither age, religion, colour nor creed,”

~Dan Donahue, award-winning producer

"When I hear Beth sing, I feel like the Divine Mother is in the room, calling out to me with her kind and soothing voice, bringing me back into alignment. Such a wonder-full sound, it invites the warrior to lay down his arms on the forest floor, and breathe in unison with the sacred order".

~Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping- A Journey of Self-Creation

"I get mixed up and think I am in heaven when Beth sings."
~Allison Baird, MA, CCC
Speech-Language Pathologist

For more information contact:

(204) 775-1100