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Karina Schelde & Lucyan

KARINA SCHELDE is a recognised pioneer in the field of sound and voice healing throughout the United States, Europe and Australasia. Originally from Denmark, but now based in New Zealand, Karina is dedicated to expanding her unique voice and sound healing method throughout the world.

Her authentic and clear guidance, combined with an exceptional voice and vocal range, supports and guides individuals from all walks of life into full realisation of their potential and life vision.

Karina has integrated her professional background and training in sound healing and voice coaching, counseling, bodywork, creative voice work, shamanic healing and acting into her own unique healing modality called The Soul Voice Method.

Karina is the originator, creator and facilitator of:
• The Soul Voice Workshop™
• Sound Initiation Retreat™
• The Soul Voice Practitioners Certification Program™

Karina has written two books, produced music CDs and videos, presented at conferences worldwide, and made numerous appearances on radio and television.

Karina’s vast training in a diverse range of modalities extends all over the globe, including; Natural Medicine Studies at the Esalen Institute in the USA, Shamanic Studies with Jonathan Howitz in Denmark, Rebirthing with Leonard Orr in the USA, Tibetan Overtone Chanting studies with Jorgen Agard in Denmark, Voice and Sound studies with Molly Scott in the USA, Healing Body and Energy Work at the ‘Northern Light Center’ in Denmark, and a Diploma in Experimental Theatre in France.

is an internationally recognized musician who has performed in hundreds of concerts in Italy, Poland, Germany and Finland. Lucyan has released 12 Music CD’s - The Best selling is titled "Relaxing". Originally from Poland, Lucyan now lives and composes original music in Italy.