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Gabriele Morgan

Gabriele Morgan has a rich history in the Los Angeles music scene as a singer and songwriter, going back to her first solo EP "Buried Treasure" (What? Records), her band Doll Congress with Michael Penn (Enigma Records) and her subsequent group Valentine's Revenge (Interscope) with fellow writers and instrumentalists Gar Robertson and John Bitzer.

Most recently she has been recording and producing her own solo work, presented first in the artful and eloquent pop CD "Secret Child" in 2005 and now in a new collection, "Savasanas I - IV", the initial compilation in a projected series of compositions which Gabriele has decided to call “Inner Time Music”.

Her music is remarkable for its balance of rich melody, emotional depth, and love of subtle wordplay which rewards repeated listening, as well as her vital, impassioned and intelligently sensual singing.