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Turiya Nada

Chants by Nandhi:
Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi is a visionary, a yogi, an artist and a musician. He was born and raised in South India. After nearly two decades of rigorous yogic training and meditative practice under the guiding influence of several enlightened masters who are from the lineage of the Siddhars. From them, he learned the secret wisdom of an unbroken lineage of several thousand years of tradition. Nandhi was initiated into advanced yogic practices that are seldom known outside the Siddhar initiate’s circle.

On one of his yoga workshops, Nandhi met Cofe Fiakpui, adidgeridoo master also on the path of the Siddhars. Together they formed the group, "Turiya Nada". Soon after, they asked some of Cofe’s musician friends to contribute their efforts.

With enormous talents of the following musicians, "Cave of the Siddhars" came to life.

Ed Wing Sankey- composer and harp player

Christo Pellani- drums/percussion

Ming Freeman- keyboard player