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60 min class (1:00:00)
$ 7.99
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Essential Inversions

April Laliberte

This class is an Integral Class (full spectrum--asana, pranayama and meditation) for all-level yoga practitioners that are ready to either try inversions for the first time, or are ready to take their inversions to the next level. This class is for anyone looking for a fun and challenging class!

This class starts with a very strong vinyasa flow that gets the yogin ready for inversions by working core strength. The emphasis is on ‘tricky’ transitions in a flow sequence for a focus on the ‘midline’ (hugging to the core), which is essential to any inversion. Two peak poses (Sirsasana I—headstand, and Adho Muka Vriksasana—handstand) will be broken down into smaller segments with instruction so you can arrive safely into the pose.

For best results this class will best serve you to practice it often—up to twice a week while building up to strong, safe, inversions. Remember the goal is to feel good after your practice so listen to your body and only do what is reasonable. It sometimes takes several months to build up to inversions (sometimes years to learn handstand), so be gentle with your self.

Benefits: pineal and pituitary glands receive fresh blood supply, reverse blood flow nourishes all areas not normally served due to gravity, invigorating for body--yet clears the mind, offers a new perspective when up-side-down.

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