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Tibetan Bells With Environmental Sounds

One Hand Clapping

This all-digital recording of a rare set of Tibetan singing bowls is blended with environmental sounds to create the ultimate audio aid for deep relaxation and meditation.
For thousands of years, the clear, vibratory, harmonic tones of Tibetan singing bells have been used to induce meditation and altered states of consciousness. Born of a Vedic system from ancient India circa 560 BC, the bells permeate the body on a cellular level, balancing the brain’s alpha-theta waves and opening the chakras, inducing calm, centeredness and even a trance-like suspension of external distractions.

Track Listing
Preview Track Length Purchase
1. Part 1 7:07
$ 1.59
2. Part 2 51:11
$ 8.99
Full Album
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Full Album: Tibetan Bells With Environmental Sounds
$ 9.99