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Coming Home


Ancient Hebrew Medicine – a must have addition to any collection of sacred music. Take a transformative musical journey through sacred Hebrew mystical poetry.

Featuring Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin

with Ty Burhoe, Steve Gorn, Benjy Wertheimer, Bill Douglas, Rachid Halihal, James Hoskins, Sandra Wong, and more!

Love resonates from each note of the long-awaited musical collaboration of American singer Danya Uriel and Israeli guitarist Eyal Rivlin, the duo known as Temple. The alchemical fusion of Uriel's angelic soprano and Rivlin's hypnotic instrumentation results in Coming Home, a collection of original Hebrew chants that honor the sacred and foster inner healing and inspiration. Fans of Jewish music and Kabbalah, as well as lovers of Kirtan and chanting, will delight in this collection of prayer songs.

Track Listing
Preview Track Length Purchase
1. Coming Home 7:37
$ 1.59
2. LChah Dodi 8:53
$ 1.99
3. Taste Of Love 10:27
$ 2.59
4. VTaher 7:37
$ 1.59
5. Ima 6:51
$ 1.29
6. Ana El Na 8:05
$ 1.59
7. Shalom 7:48
$ 1.59
Full Album
Title Purchase
Full Album: Coming Home
$ 9.99