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Samantha Mehra

Born of Indian and Trinidad descent, Samantha was raised in London. As a third generation yogi she is honored to have traveled and studied extensively, with some of the finest teachers worldwide. Expressing the teachings for almost two decades. She continues her studies with Sri Shankarcharaya, which has deep roots in Hindu Tantrism. As a well-known and respected teacher in her community, she has been a luminescent guide for her students, many of whom have gone on to become teachers themselves.

She is currently preparing a Teacher Training course to be offered in 2012, is busy recording a follow-up to her restorative yoga program and recording Shankarcharaya’s teachings on the “Precepts to Conscious Living” to be released later this year. Samantha lives in Venice, California where she predominately teaches privately, and offers regular group classes at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement and The Ashram in Calabasas.