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$ 32.00

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6-Day Barre Bootcamp: Sweat & Tone w/ Erin Wimert

Ready to sweat and get toned? This upbeat 6-Day Barre Bootcamp with Erin Wimert will have you feeling noticeably stronger, in just one week!

Barre is an exercise form that fuses together elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Expect low-impact, yet high-intensity movements that will tone your body.

This program is accessible and beneficial for everyone, regardless of your previous experience with Barre or equipment. You do not need to have a special barre in your home to enjoy these classes, and a simple chair is all you need.

This cohesive program will keep you accountable to get into optimal shape and stay on track while teaching your fundamentals of this engaging and demanding practice. Barre is challenging in all of the best ways! The classes target muscles in very specific ways that aren't necessarily used in everyday movement. You'll not only learn a new form of movement but will also discover and strengthen new muscles in your body, you may have never exercised before.

Erin Wimert is an expert Barre teacher who has been teaching for over a decade. She will guide you to your edge while also educating you on how to practice Barre safely and effectively. If you're a yoga practitioner, who likes to mix up your routine sometimes, Barre is a very complementary practice to yoga.

Like most physically demanding practices, a rest day is important, so this 6-day Bootcamp is perfect for a full week's fitness regimen. Classes are all between 30-50 minutes, so you'll be able to fit your daily class into your schedule.

Are you ready to get toned, sweat it all out, and achieve a new level of strength? Challenge yourself for a week!

  • Anyone who wants to get toned
  • All levels of Barre experience
  • Those who like accountability to stay on track in achieving their fitness goals

  • A week's worth of challenging and fun Barre classes all between 30-50 minutes
  • Classes that will tone your whole body and especially target your lower body
  • Expert teaching to help you practice Barre techniques correctly


Full Program
6-Day Barre Boot Camp: Sweat & Tone
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
Program Items
Day 1: Cardio Barre This class will target each major muscle group in your body and get your heart rate pumping with nothing other than your own body weight.
Day 2: Meet Me at the Barre This fun class is guaranteed to light up the entire body and work to burn out all of the major muscle groups, allowing you feeling stronger and more alive.
Day 3: Raising the Barre Grab a set of weights and expect to be moving the entire class and feel a burn from your calves all the way up to your shoulders!
Day 4: Barre Quickie Get ready to shake and bring your major muscle groups to a point of fatigue in this 30 minute class that will have you feeling strong and confident.
Day 5: Grin & Barre It Get ready for a heavy dose of cardio, followed by everyone's favorite isometric movements to make your muscles quiver - you might be feeling this one tomorrow!
Day 6: Barreless Barre Burn Expect to elevate your heart rate and break a sweat as you move into the upper and lower body portions of full body barreless barre class.