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One Shared Heart

Kristin Luna Ray

New world-music inspired Kirtan album “One Shared Heart,” with up and coming Kirtan/Chant artist, Kristin”Luna” Ray features internationally acclaimed guest artists Wah!, Girish, Alvin Young (Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band), and more.
“One Shared Heart” is the second album to be released by Kristin Luna Ray (known as “Luna” by her friends and fans) over the last 2 years and the first of her albums devoted solely to kirtan and mantra. The songs on the album are diverse in styles from around the world, utilizing various Sanskrit mantras, danceable grooves, and featuring the pure and angelic voice of Luna. The album is set for an International Release Date of February 14th (Valentines day) and will be distributed by the prominent Spirit Voyage label.
Lloyd Barde (Music Editor of Common Ground Magazine / Grammy Selection Committee for New Age Music) shares,
“Some music just slides right into your heart, and opens a space of genuine listening that is fresh and delightful. Such is the case with ‘One Shared Heart’.. It immediately attracts attention, and that energy builds quickly with repeated listening. What will draw you in right away is the warmth and accessibility of the music on her brilliant new CD.”

The album is in response to the growing demand for kirtan/chant music in the US. “I really felt it was time. People have been asking for the mantra music I play during festivals, yoga workshops and in kirtans for a long time now,” Luna said. “When I set the intention to make the album, just like using a mantra, I let go, and it took hold of me.”
“Luna's ‘One Shared Heart’ is magical and luminous music. Luna has a unique quality in her voice that transmits something special, a kind of nectar that permeates each track. This CD has depth, mood, spirit, and great feel. It emits both peace and celebration and is an absolute joy to behold from start to finish!” says David Newman (Durga Das), international kirtan artist.
Kirtan is a form of Bhakti Yoga (“the yoga of devotion”) that involves call and response chanting blended with soulful music that is said to calm the mind and open the heart. The roots of Kirtan date back over 1000 years to India. The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by singing, clapping and/or dancing.
The album coincides with Luna’s pregnancy and birth of her daughter Jaya (sanskrit for “victory”), an inspiration for the title and cover of the album. “It was a powerful experience to record the album through my pregnancy,” says Luna. “I was birthing two babies of sorts. As Jaya grew within me, the album grew and evolved. Now they are both here to share with the world.”
Luna resides part time in Asheville, NC, and part time in Costa Rica where she is co-founder of True Nature Education (
For more information on Kristin Luna Ray or the album “One Shared Heart,” please contact or visit

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