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Chilled Ambience 2

Matt Lancaster

Chilled Ambience 2 (the second in the Chilled Ambience series) consolidates on what Chilled Ambience
created, yet develops further the ambient-electronica / natural sounds combination by adding into the mix
more upfront melodies complimented by ethereal vocals and newborn infant sounds drifting serenely in
and out. Indeed, the artist Matt Lancaster doesn’t stray from the soothing ambience ethic of the
BoscobelSessions but develops and challenges himself to take his pieces to new and vibrant eclectic places.
His principal of ‘purity and synthetic in happy harmony’ is still in place, encompassing pastures new of vivid
technology and earthy sounds.

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Full Album: Chilled Ambience 2
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1. Mystery and Magic 4:22
$ 0.99
2. Warm Cacoon 4:48
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3. Satellite Peacetown 4:03
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4. No More Tears 4:54
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5. Caldo Bueno 5:14
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6. Lanterns in the Sky 6:10
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