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Greg Slawson

The Waterflow collection features music fused with three different manifestations of water: as gentle waves washing ashore, raindrops falling in a summer thunderstorm, and a flowing waterfall in a clear stream. May they bring peace and healing to your day. These musical journeys fluidly synthesize natural and spiritual elements. They can become an integral part of your meditation practice. All three extended length pieces are perfect for periods of relaxation, meditation, a therapeutic massage or a yoga routine. All three compositions are composed, performed and recorded by Greg Slawson.

CLICK HERE to Greg's short Waterflow video on YouTube!

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Full Album: Waterflow
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1. Lakeshore 29:56
$ 2.99
2. Summer Rain 17:24
$ 2.59
3. Sulphur Spring Falls 22:08
$ 2.99